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What is Promotional SMS?

For any business in present time, there are different variations of utilizing the technology for the expansion as well as growth. Since marketing is quite important for any product or service, there is a requirement of proper utilization of internet and telecommunications that is vital for any business. Marketing has a wide spectrum of methods which are utilized to reach out to potential customers and ensure business growth and success. When it comes to the best methods of promoting any business, promotional SMS remains at the top.

It is one of the best ways to approach new customers in a diverse and vast market. With the rapid increase in competition in the market, messaging is perhaps the most successful way to achieve popularity and also increase the awareness of the brand of any business. Since proper expansion, as well as the growth of any business, can occur only when a business invests strategically into their marketing and advertising strategies, it is quite advantageous to use personal while non-intrusive marketing methods like promotional SMS.

This begs the question that what exactly is promotional SMS. A promotional SMS is an SMS which is sent with a certain objective to promote the product or service of a business. This category consists of any sales as well as marketing messages that may or may not be solicited by any of the recipients. The main use of a promotional SMS is to aid in the marketing of a business. By utilizing promotional SMS, you can essentially send SMS anytime from anywhere with an internet connection at quite an effective price. It is distinctive as well as a multipurpose tool to promote the business. You can essentially send promotional SMS’s for advertising your products or services to the customers directly.

Now, let’s look at how promotional SMS can help in the growth of a business.

1. One of the significant statistics regarding text messages is that almost 90 percent of them are opened within the first three minutes by the people receiving them. Therefore, you can actually utilize SMS for time-sensitive promotional purposes, and in case you already have an email marketing campaign in progress then it can be supported with promotional SMS.

Let’s say you are considering to launch a loyalty program. You can simply let all of your customers know about it by simply shooting a quick text. If you’re about to open a new shop, then notify your customers through promotional SMS which might be the fastest method to get the information to them. If you are planning a discount campaign, then you should certainly consider SMS coupons and vouchers which are found to be extremely effective. According to a recent study, the redemption rates of such SMS’s is 10 times higher than a particular paper coupon. It is also quite easier to lose a printed voucher rather than your phone which has the text.

Promotional SMS is also an efficient indirect way to increase the sales by means of reducing the number of no-shows. If you are the owner of a real estate agency or run a fitness centre or any other appointed related business, you must have experienced or even are familiar with this particular issue of no-shows.

The text messages which are sent 24 hours prior to any appointment can certainly reduce the no-shows. However, you should remember that you shouldn’t overuse promotional SMS. It has been found that sending more than four promotional messages in a month can lead to the growth of the unsubscribe rate. So, it is recommended that you should send one or two texts per week.

2. Promotional SMS can also help in improving your customer service. It is quite vital for any business to keep the existing customer happy which can be achieved with promotional SMS. You can send an order confirmation to show your client that you appreciate their business.

Also, a delivery alert or even a booking status notification can make your customers feel in control of the services which they have paid for. Most of the users find that the conversation history with a business stored over promotional SMS a helpful tracking tool which they can easily turn to for various important links or different information. When you are writing a promotional SMS, try to be concise, offer value and provide clear instructions. Engage your reader from the start and makes sure that all the vital details are clearly included and accurate.

3. Promotional SMS can be quite an effective tool to gain customer insights. For instance, if you are launching a new fashion store, then you can ask your customers about the styles of the clothes that they would like to purchase. Shoot them a promotional SMS like “Help Us Choose the Next Fashion Trend” and include a link where the customers can visit and fill in their opinion. This will allow you to know what are the actual demands of your audience. Promotional SMS surveys do have their own limitations.

You can only have restricted 160 characters to ask your audience any question, and it is best practice to provide them with specific options to respond. These types of surveys are quite cost-effective and great to use whenever you require the information fast.

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