What is Transactional SMS?

Whenever you are making a transaction of money from your debit or credit card, you get a text message alert from the bank corresponding to the transaction. This is the transactional message. These are the messages sent mostly by businesses and institutions to their customers about the different services that they avail.

Transactional SMS has recently gained a lot of popularity and is being utilized by the businesses all over the world. These transactional messages are often used for the purpose of sending promotional messages. These messages can also be used for promotion, marketing as well as developing of any business idea. The main notion behind the transactional message is quite simple, and it can easily be used by the people without facing any hassles or issues.

Banking and Finance industry primarily use Transactional SMS. It is used for the purpose of sending various types of urgent notification to the clients about their bank account in the market all over the world. Transactional Texts can also be integrated with any software or website in order to send SMS automatically to any customer based on a particular behavioural trigger. For instance, Amazon utilises triggered text message confirmations whenever a customer pays the bill. It is essentially an added courtesy which actually builds the trust between the business and the customers and significantly cuts down the number of customer service calls.

Transactional SMS is certainly a key differentiator for different business which often looks to improve the customer loyalty as well as their satisfaction along with saving time and also increasing profit.

Transactional SMS is used in various forms. They are:

  1. One-Time Password (OTP)

If you are logging into a particular service website in order to pay the bill, you will select the mode of payment. In this case, you get redirected to a particular payment gateway page which requests you to fill the OTP that is duly sent to your own mobile.

  1. Travel Updates

Whenever you are booking a hotel, you are sent with an SMS regarding the details of the booking by the hotel which you have booked. These messages actually inform you about the entire itineraries of the trip.

  1. Payment Reminders

As you make any payment for any service, you receive a notification regarding the successful payment. Most of the businesses actually use Transactional SMS in order to keep the customers about every detail. Unless the customer has made the required payment, they wouldn’t have received the SMS.

Advantages of Transactional SMS

Some of the key advantages of Transactional SMS are:

  1. Faster Delivery

It is among the most significant benefits of utilizing Transactional SMS service. There occurs no type of delay in the delivery of the messages. So, any urgent information which the business wants to share with its customers can easily do with Transactional SMS. It is among the best ways to choose especially whenever a business is looking for certain methods to distribute vital information to its customers.

  1. Alert Tools

Transactional SMS has successfully emerged as quite an effective tool for passing different types of timely alert to the customers. The businesses which are based all over the world are using these services and also approaching different Transactional SMS provider in order to send timely and regular alerts to their customers that users need to send these messages and within no time, these alerts are easily sent out based on the current expectations of the users.

  1. Round the Clock Support

Transactional SMS always remains operational round the clock. Hence, any business or sender who is using Transactional SMS doesn’t have to restrict themselves from utilizing Transactional SMS service due to time, date or day. The messages can easily be passed on the respective users at any moment of time, and these messages will be effectively delivered to the customers, failing only when the customer’s phone is turned off.

  1. Extended Reach to Customers

The promotional messages don’t have required capability to reach out to those customers who have chosen for Do Not Disturb facility. While this isn’t the case with the transactional messages since the SMS can easily be sent to these people too. All you are required to do is approach any transactional SMS service provider and provide them with the contact list as well as the number of customers to whom the messages are required to be sent.

  1. Template-based Messages

These transactional messages shared all over the globe are actually based on templates. Hence the users who want to send out any transactional message can easily use these templates and then create their own customized message to be sent. With this, the users are actually able to meet their own specific requirements and send out their messages to their targeted customers. However, before these messages get circulated, it is vital that it needs to be approved by the service provider.

Terms & Conditions:

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