What are Voice SMS?

Voice SMS is actually a pre-recorded voice message which you can easily send to different types of phone numbers all across the country as well as the world with the duration of the call of 30 seconds and less. Bulk Voice SMS is essentially automated calls that dial various numbers at once utilizing web-based service and plays a recorded voice message in order to send it automatically to a dialled mobile or landline number.

Voice SMS is quite an effective communication system in comparison to text messaging. At present, a significant number of people wish to save their time because everyone has their own busy lifestyle. Voice SMS is a particularly great tool for the fastest communication, advertising and marketing.

If you wish to conduct a meeting and want information to be sent to others, then Voice SMS remains to be the best option. You can easily record a message with your own voice and then send multiple people simultaneously. In reality, Voice SMS is actually an effective tool for illiterate and literate people because it can easily be understood by all. It can help a business to emerge. You can easily share vital information or even updates to your own customers with emotion as well as human touch.

With the assistance of Voice SMS, you can easily promote any product or service and send SMS with pre-recorded voice without personally calling anyone. Voice SMS assists in reaching your voice to people in bulk. Voice SMS technology is actually an automated service. It has an attractive feature in order to increase the demand as well as revenue from the customers. At present, different tools of advertising are available in the market like Radio, TV, newspaper etc. but when it comes to Voice SMS, it has its own maximum specialities as well as wide range market. Text SMS can be an effective channel, but it is often used and understood by literate people only.

Voice SMS is the fastest way of communication between the business and the customer because listening remains to be more effective as well as the fastest medium in comparison to reading. Voice SMS can be easily sent to any person. In case you wish to send a Voice SMS, you just have to talk or even record your own voice and then click the button only. Voice SMS also has an added advantage over Text SMS. In the case of text messaging services, you can essentially send the message in multiple languages. However, many mobile devices don’t support all languages, and this creates a new problem. Text messaging is worthless when it comes to illiterate people. Voice SMS is the best method of communication, for instance- you need to communicate with all your staff members or friends, then you can have a direct live conversation with the customers or friends etc.

Voice SMS has very huge success, and it is rapidly spreading across different domains. Voice SMS is the revolution in the case of the services sector. Voice SMS is quite valuable for sales as well as service representatives of any business as it is difficult for the representatives to reach every customer quickly easily. Voice SMS allows the business to reach a higher goal in one single shot. Business set the time of sending the Voice SMS with an automatic control system and essentially send all the messages to its customers simultaneously. Voice SMS has different advantages like you can easily send a notification to a huge number of customers, send congratulation messages on different occasions with your own voice, you can easily upload contact directly from an excel spreadsheet, you can send SMS to all network across the country or the world.

It has the maximum reach as well as quite helpful for the businesses. Voice SMS services essentially resolve a wide range of problems which other services fail to provide. In order to maximize their reach, all businesses, enterprises, institutions, community groups, government places etc. are using this service.

If you like to compare text SMS service with the Voice SMS, then you can rest assured that Voice SMS is essentially more personal. This medium can assist you to easily get to establish a particular attitude of the business well. It can also assist the business to keep the communication with the customers quite informal while remaining professional with a script and a strong voice, at the same time.

Advantages of Voice SMS

Voice SMS actually displays the emotions of the business within the message. It has different advantages like it can work on different mobile devices, reach out to a large number of people, the automated system as well as easy to understand.

Voice SMS assists in providing an interactive experience. The receiver can directly able to easily interact with the business through voice. This interactive session assists the user to know about the business even more and can easily hear different messages.

Voice SMS provides flexibility for the businesses as well as customers. Messages can easily be recorded as a data for the purpose of later use. You can also lead to a particular new form of messages.

Voice SMS also provide higher reach to a broader audience. Even though you aren’t able to send emails to every person since most of the people don’t have the internet connection and a lot of others with internet connection don’t use emails on a regular basis. In the case of Voice SMS, you can easily reach out to those people who don’t have any access to the internet. Also, a lot of people like to communicate over voice instead of texts.

Voice SMS is quite cost effective especially in terms of speed and potential in order to reach out to a larger audience.

Voice SMS provides consistent performance. The consistency of voice along with the messages’ content is the most vital aspects. With manual calls, you can’t be able actually to achieve it. In the case of Voice SMS, you can get all types of functions at quite a consistent rate. Also, you can rest assured that all of your targeted customers are receiving a uniform message.

Voice SMS helps in expediting the process. Since a lot of same types of calls are essentially possible to do simultaneously through the Voice SMS, hence it is among the easiest as well as a faster way to spread any vital information corresponding to offers of a brand or launch of a new product.

Voice SMS helps in increasing scalability. With this service, your works get much easier even if you have a large volume of client data or even an extensive marketing list. Voice SMS is quite hard to beat when it comes down to scalability.

Voice SMS helps in expanding applications. No matter what, the voice messages are quite compatible with any type of phone systems. It essentially means that you can easily use the feature which is based on the infrastructure.

Voice SMS remains to be a great form of advertising, communication as well as marketing for any business. It has a plethora of applications, and with its numerous advantages, it performs better than text messages and emails. It has the higher reach to a broader audience. It provides a personal touch to the message and helps in creating a special connection between the business and the customers.